Past designs, bead hauls, selfies and more. Enjoy!

Trying to look it working?

My "helper" Toffee...not helping.

Bead shows are terrible for bead addicts!

Hexagon Earrings.

So pretty.


Africa pendant.

African-inspired 2.


What a tangled mess.

The need to bead...

Cork Leather haul.

Fall for Jasper.

May 2020

Elegant pearl necklace.

Spring 2020.

Amethyst style.

Feather Collection 2.

Feathers on me!

Feather fun.

Femme style (2020 Cluster Collection).

March 2020.

Business Casual.

Business Casual 2.

Boho chic.

Blue and Gold Stack.

Lapis earrings on ME!

Romance Cluster set.

Lotus bracelet stacks.

Notebooks also need bling.

What's your sign? Bracelets (2020).

Cube bracelets (2020).

Brainstorming session.


Aqua Hydro Quartz Set.

Red, white, & blue!

Boho chunky bracelets.

Gold Glam.

Packaging fun.

I drink the coffee and I make the things.

Petal Threader Earring Set Collection (2020).

Aquamarine and Green Amethyst set.

Garnet petal threader earrings.

Moonstone and stainless steel.

Amethyst Hydro Quartz petal threader earrings and necklace.

Gem haul!

Black and Gold. Simple cork leather necklace and pearl/onyx bracelet stack.

Legal imprint