Annnd....We're back! Sort of...

Hey Everyone! 

2021 has been a rough year so far especially as far as my shops have been concerned. I think I've only posted a few times since the start of the year on Instagram. We've had some family issues to deal with so taking a break from the shops has been necessary. 

I'm hopeful things will settle a bit in the next few months. 

That being said, I have been busy making things to restock my shop. I've activated my Etsy Pattern site again instead of my Shopify one, so if the site looks different to you that would be the reason. 

I received feedback with regards to making more necklaces and sets. So that is the path I'm taking right now. This new collection of dainty gemstone necklaces will have earrings and eventually some bracelets as well. I'll also be restocking briolette necklaces and gold stainless steel necklaces too. 

I'm going to keep this short today as I have lots to do!  Thanks for stopping by!

<3  Tonya

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